Thursday, 26 February 2009

Monday, 23 February 2009

Hand Gun

Hand Gun from Jason Poley on Vimeo.

having big fun adapting video copilot tutorials. cheap visual puns are always the best.

MAgic Pencil

Magic Pencil from Jason Poley on Vimeo.

Silly experiment after looking at a tutorial on video CoPilot which explored the idea of particles being created dependant on the speed of the emitter (in this case my pencil). its a bit quiet on the work front at the moment so more experiments to come me thinks. og the music is the legendary SFA.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Breeders Examples

Did some grading and effects work as a favour, turned into patching up the graphics work, re working the title animation and replacing the end credits. the girl they originally got was ok but lazy. seriously she made the graphics title safe but just shrinking the whole composition in AE by 80% so nothing extended to the edges of the screen anymore...students!

Enough bitching The Idea was to have 3 distinct looks for the "news" footage, Outside live broadcast with the blues dialled up and on fast moving shots a little random blurring to simulate a fake auto focus. Live Press conference, required the least work, just boosted the contrast and brought up the colours. The Interview segment is ment to look over polished, almost candy world esque, giving it a slightly errie feel. again boosted the levels and added some faint glows around the brighter colours. All good fun, I think it works quite nicely, but then again I would.

but not to worry, will post the final short when I am allowed, and am looking forward to working with Doug and Gab at Telmiastori again.