Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Design Sepository

is a new blog I'm a part of, hopefully will build into a tips/tricks/tutorials resource or fall flat on its face. who knows!

Monday, 21 September 2009

corporate wh...

Two cartoon's I did for a marketing brief for some nice people at wordware limited. turns out I can still hold a pencil, does make me think about doing my own comic one day.


First video I'll post I made for the Judges College of Victoria, working for Kimosabe. was given a logo, some video clips and told to make a fly through. this is what they got. good fun this project.

I created another animatio nof their various topic heading, not that interesting. one topic "judgment writing" came back with a note from the judges saying it was a spelling mistake, problem is I copied the spelling from the brochure. turns out its spelt both with an e after the g and without. English is retarted.

oh yes the music was changed for the final edit, but I didnt do the final edit so the jason-make-better-no-whiny-vocals mix of coldplay is a stand in (is a 10 second loop, lawyers.)


Lots of activity this week! a project I worked on for the Moonee Valley Race Course in Melbourne was signed off. I did this for Kimosabe, who were working with a production company called Scarab. all good fun.

anyways I was responsible for the keying of talent, rotoscoping of horses (legs and all) and re-timing using dark arts. Basically I prepared all the graphical elements for the final composite.

a happy man I be if I never see another horse again.

*note- I apologise for not using vimeo but the last two and the next post are all adverts, which is not allowed on vimeo. so sorry about the quality.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Speculative Creativity

Worked with two gentlemen in Canada to help them make a 30 second internet ad for the mighty Sennhieser, its purely a spec project with the guys hoping that Sennhieser will like the video, then pay for it or commission them (and me) to make another one. fingers crossed.

It was (as normal) done in After Effects, making liberal use of the Video Copilot's Twitch, Trapcode Form, Shine, Soundkeys and Particular Plugins. also used the tutorial on All Bets Are Off as a basis for the particle build effect.

Tried to mix up my old favourite of audio powered effects by using soundkeys to set different effects to different frequencies of the audio track (blur value = bass, slide effect = treble etc)